We provide Warehouse Management System ERP Suite is a single-platform cloud based software for Third Party Logistics, Freight forwarders and Parcel/ Courier service providers seeking a high performance logistics software. Our ERP solution meets the diverse needs of a diverse industry. Our robust single suite includes the complete gamut covering

  • Transport Management solution (TMS) covering order processing, planning ( routing, scheduling, optimization etc) ,execution, fleet management complemented with freight billing and settlement across Transportation needs.
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS) for 3PLs and Yard Management System for parcel / courier service providers
  • Order Management solution catering to e-comm, retail and Omni channel world
  • Command Centre for visibility of end to end operations operating as a control tower. Functions for a LSP fully integrated with the operational modules.
  • Process optimizer, Mobility and Analytics are inbuilt features of the suite

The integrated suite is flexible which allows users to create unique workflows for different operations.The suite is designed to increase your productivity, visibility and profitability. It improves integration, automation, and communication with internal and external supply chain stake holders

Our cloud-based capability

  • Enables keying in your data just once and it becomes instantly accessible across your worldwide operations, reducing your margin of error and the need for labor-intense workflows.
  • Enables Digital document storage and retrieval for every part of process, enabling all documents to be saved, organized, and accessed easily

We focus on providing safe, secure and efficient warehouse services.

Our unique and systematic warehouse management system allows us to provide individually tailored solutions for pick and pack and FMCG services, with unmatched flexibility, excellent communication, and highly accurate and timely management of stock inventory. We provide both short- and long-term storage and management for everything from retail, food grade items, to hazardous materials. We also offer superior inventory management, including replenishment, systematic physical and electronic inventory, forecasting and valuation, quality control, and sophisticated dispatch processes.